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Posted by on Mar 13, 2015 in Blog |

Race Wildflower


Part of the Wildflower Bike Course.

Race Wildflower this year.

Why? Because it is awesome, challenging, fun and we don’t want the race to go away forever. It is rich in history. It has been around for 33 years. All the greats have raced and won there.

So what if it is swim/run/bike/run???? Everyone I talked to last year enjoyed it and thought it might have been even more challenging than the original course. It was well run and went smoothly. We all sat around the campfire and commiserated on our race day experience. We ran through the “lake” where we usually swim. What an experience! Seriously.

This a chance to talk with our feet (and race entry fees). Change your race plan, come out to Lake San Antonio the weekend of May 2. Pros included.

Here is text from the email they sent last night:

Triathletes: We Need Your Help!

Triathletes are tough in the face of adversity, and so is Wildflower, “The Woodstock of Triathlon.” This iconic event is celebrating its 33rd year in 2015 and despite the drought in California, Wildflower continues to forge ahead and offer a one-of-a-kind race experience thanks to course changes. We are entering our third year of the drought with decreased registration due to skeptics. Tri-California is not a huge corporate organization. We are a family business that is feeling the effects of the drought and we are coming to those that know what a unique and memorable experience we can offer. We are asking for your support to help us through this year. Not only do we need you, we need your friends and family.

Here is a link for more information and to register:

Hope to see you at the Lake in May. This is a chance to make a real difference.